Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Niki got married

I love the title...
Niki also one of my blogger friend...and her wedding is soooo lovely... :)

Lets start with her Solemnization Day first..

Her wedding attire from : Cosry
Decoration from : Serambi Kaseh
Catering from : Al Rawsha
Photographer from : Rintis Image


  1. eh.. u kenal niki? niki is my friend's friend. kitorg sama uni tapi lain course. so i cam kenal dia, tp dia maybe x kenal i.. haha. anyhow, mmg cun kan wedding dia... dlm her pixs tu pun ada pix my friends. hihi. well, nice... ur turn is tomorrow! can't wait! jumpa sabtu ya? :)

  2. cantiknya..tak berkelip mata memandang..