Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Garden Wedding@ Taman Rimba,TTDI


I love blogging!!
And Im in love with wedding...and dont ask me y!

Alrite...another my favorite Malaysian wedding is :

Jacky Hussein & Bodah Wedding Reception : Taman Rimba,TTDI

Sangat jatuh cinta dengan theme color pasangan Jacky & Boddah...Tiffany and white sangat cool!
The deco sangat gorgeous!! and its from Razak Flora
The photographer is Avicenna

Classic huh!!


  1. serius mmg nak sgt tema ni...owh my god...igt xda org buat..rupe nya ada...damn love it...

  2. Nur Eryana :: hahah yes sure...dah banyak wedding kat malaysia ni yang cantik2...so jgn lupa follow this blog..will update soon!

  3. hi amy..
    haha terkejut pulak tengok orang blog pasal wedding I.. hahaha.. feels like celebrity :P
    and I heart your wedding too ;) terbaekk!!

  4. berapa cost untuk decoration? i like the dining style. chair and table. how much?